Flute or Coupe?

Is it better to serve your Champagne, and other sparkling wines, in flutes or in coupes?

Flutes seem to be the modern choice, but coupes have all the style and elegance of the past.

The Coupe is the first style of glassware made specifically for serving Champagne. As such, it has a nostalgic and romantic image, reminiscent of 20’s and 30’s movie stars.

The coupe is designated for a more taste-oriented purpose.

Those who drink Champagne from a wide bowl like this are more interested in the full body and flavour of the wine and not just the bubbles.

The wide bowl allows the Champagne to open up to give a ‘fuller’ taste.

On the other hand, some experts say that Champagne must be served in a flute or tulip shaped glass. 

A flute is held by the stem so that your hands don’t warm the wine although that is also the case of the coupe. This shape is said to enhance the aroma of the Champagne and encourage the flow of the bubbles.

It is all a matter of personal preference as I prefer the Coupe for private events as I like the more open taste but for commercial occasions  like tastings I would always use a flute. It is easier to handle and people like the concentration of the bubbles you get. Also the glassware is much easier to transport and washup.

▪Flute vs. Coupe: which glass shape do you prefer?▪

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“A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration. The nerves are braced, the imagination is agreeably stirred, the wits become more nimble.”Winston Churchill


A type of flute, not considered ideal because the wide mouth tends to allow bubbles and aromas to disseminate a little too quickly.


Essentially, tulips are hybrids between a flute, a coupe and a white wine glass.

How to hand wash your Champagne glasses:

  • Use hot water for normal glass or lukewarm for crystal.
  • Apply only a small amount of washing up liquid.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Air dry or use a clean towel sparingly

It’s always best to air dry Champagne glasses as cloths can leave lint or stray odours on them. Give the glasses some time to cool down to room temperature. They should be slightly cool to the touch when serving.

Always best to wash glasses by hand instead of the dishwasher, avoiding any build-up of limescale or cloudy glasses, having an effect on both the taste but also the bubbles.

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