Big English Wine Easter #BEWE 2021

Let’s do it again! Last year social event was a success, and we are very excited to be taking part in this year’s Big English Wine Easter event! Online event & fundraiser.

#BEWE Fundraiser

Supporting those in the U.K. drinks and hospitality industry who have been most affected by the impact of the pandemic.

Southcott in the snow

Southcott Vineyard under a blanket of snow. Footage by David Ingram Hill.

David Ingram Hill

Marketing and IT manager David is taking on this role, while his job as commercial pilot is on hold, during the Covid19 situation. He started his career with an HND and a BA(Hons) in Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University. He worked as a chef at the Savoy in London, before moving into management. A stintContinue reading “David Ingram Hill”


Here we will be sharing, with you, our readers, life as a small family run vineyard.

Starting with behind the scene moments depicting the process of growing grapevines throughout the year, sharing the Southcott Vineyard story and journey with you!

Sharing the beauty of the changing seasons in Southcott in the years to come.

David, and his love of flying and photography to the drone work in the vineyard. His passion for all thing automotive can also be seen in his children, who are frequently seen motorcycling around the vineyard, karting, or being supportive of their father on Classic Rallies around the world.

Never a dull moment in a family run vineyard!

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Southcott Vineyard,
Southcott, Pewsey, Wiltshire
SN9 5JF – England, UK