Southcott Brut, 75cl (crate of 6) (NEW, 2021) – Award-Winning Silver Medal

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Award-winning silver medal winner at national level – WineGB Awards 2021.



Southcott Brut

It is a blend of the 2014 (25%) and the 2016 (75%). This means that it is classified as non-vintage.

This small production of traditional method sparkling wine is made from classic grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.


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England, UK


Pewsey, Wiltshire

Alcohol content (ABV)


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Weight 10.03 kg
Award Winning

This wine has received a Silver award at the WineGB Awards 2021.
This is a national competition, judged by very well-known wine experts including. This gives a true opinion on your wine. The awards are gold, silver, and bronze. Even a bronze award is an indication of a high-standard wine. We, therefore, see an award as an indication that you have achieved a high standard.

Storing Southcott Wine

The wine should be stored at a consistent temperature of about 13 degrees. Variations in temperature are bad for the wine so storage in the kitchen is not good. Do not store the wine long term in the fridge as this can reduce the flavour. Just pop the bottle in the fridge shortly before you are going to drink it.
Sparkling wine can be stored upright for a short time, but it is better stored on its side which will keep the cork moist and prevent shrinkage which can lead to corkage of the wine.

Top tips for storage:
* Keep all bottles away from bright light
* For long term storage make sure that the temperature is consistent- avoid storing int the kitchen of a shed.
* For short term sparkling wine can be stored standing up, but for longer term its best to store horizontally.

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