Tasting Notes

Southcott Classic Cuvee 2013

This wine has received a Bronze award at the Wessex Vineyard competition held in Winchester in November 2017.

The grapes were harvested on 21st October, 2013 and the wine was made by Steve Brookbank at Pyle, Shepton Mallet.

It was held in barrel for 9 months and then bottled for 2 years. The wine was finished with a dosage take from the oaked wine of 2014, which is being used for blending, and the final tasting and blending was done by Emma Rice, the head winemaker at Hattingley Valley, who is also the Winemaker of the year for 2016 and 2017.

The tasters at the Wessex competition who are Masters of Wine made the following comments.

“ The Southcott 2013 is a golden colour with a nose of bread dough and citrus with the breath of the hedgerow. It has course bubbles with good acidity and a rich palate”

This is a more sophisticated wine than the 2011 and will improve in bottle. It is excellent as an aperitif and will go well at parties and receptions. Must be drunk chilled at 5 C or less.

Southcott Vineyard

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