David Ingram Hill

Marketing and IT manager

David is taking on this role, while his job as commercial pilot is on hold, during the Covid19 situation. He started his career with an HND and a BA(Hons) in Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University. He worked as a chef at the Savoy in London, before moving into management. A stint at Fortnum and Masons saw him work in various departments including Fine wine and Tobacco. In 2001 David left the Hospitality sector to retrain as a commercial pilot. Over the last two decades he has travelled the world flying Boeing 737, 757,767, and 747 aircraft. He has spent much of this time living and working in Africa, the Middle East, Far East and the United States. In recent years David has be flying the 747 as a senior first officer but as this aircraft has been retired due to the downturn in aviation he is in a pilot pool awaiting retraining on to other aircraft types. There is a two-year queue for courses. David is using this time to spend time with the family and help with the family business.

Since the beginning of this Vineyard, David has played a major role from helping with the planting in 2005 to working on most of the harvests in some capacity. He is responsible for all the mechanical equipment from driving the quad and trailer to collect the full done the set up for harvest, and been responsible for the heavy lifting and transport of the grapes to the Winery. He has operated the transport of the raw materials, and the finished product since the beginning. He is also one of the qualified tractor drivers and sprayers for the vineyard.

David face has been familiar one at the Vineyard throughout the years, promoting the product, and Championing English Sparkling wine. He has attended numerous Fairs selling and marketing Southcott Vineyard Products, and delivering the wine locally and Nationally.

He now brings his love of flying and photography to the drone work in the vineyard. We look forward to sharing the beauty of the changing seasons in Southcott with you in the years to come. His passion for all thing automotive can also be seen in his children, who are frequently seen motorcycling around the vineyard, karting, or being supportive of their father on Classic Rallies around the world.

He will bring his knowledge of photography, wine and social media to the Family business, and looks forward to sharing the Southcott Vineyard story and journey with you.

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