Harvest 2021, the diaries

Firstly, we would like to thank all the lovely people who came and helped with our harvest on Friday 29th of October.
Thank you all so much.
You were great.
Sarah, Tim & The Southcott Family

Harvest is one of the most anticipated (and stressful) times of the year, the action of harvesting may have happened in one day, however, the preparations proceeding go a long way back – involving long hours, early morning starts, and a ton of backbreaking labour while at it.

So here is a summary of how it went with a selection of ”Southcott Vineyard moments”.

Let’s start in August the 2nd:

▪ Hello August ▪

A little update from the Vineyard, the little sphere-shaped berries have started to appear, it’s commonly known as ‘fruit-set – the fruits have begun to form.

August the 31st:

▪️ Hello Pinot Noir, and leaf stripping around the grapes at Southcott ▪️

Have you ever wondered why the leaves around the grapes are stripped off?

Leaves are removed from the area around the fruit cluster, to improve air circulation and allowing light penetration to fruits. This process tends to happen between fruit-set and veraison.

At Southcott Vineyard, this is done by hand, yes it is indeed hard work! But it is an important part of managing the vineyard in order to regulate the quality of the grapes and consequently the wine.

Did you know?

➕Pinot Noir is known as “the noble grape” in France, coveted by kings and commoners in large part for its ”magical abilities with food”

➕Pinot Noir = ”Black Pine Cone”, it refers to the pinecone shape of the grape bunches.

➕It has its own holiday! International Pinot Noir Day is celebrated every 18th of August.

➕Some say, the most charismatic of all grape varieties and the hardest to get right.

➕A key Champagne grape, sometimes used on its own or like with hour Brut as a blending grape with Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, to produce some of the world’s finest sparkling wines. The grapes will eventually change colour, and the grapes will begin to dramatically increase in size as they accumulate sugars and start to develop aroma compounds.

September the 3rd

▪” No two years are the same” ▪ Flashback Friday

| This is taking us back to 29 August 2018! | ”Veraison at Southcott.”

September the 6th

We start our call for volunteers.

▪ Harvest 2021, ”Time is of the essence”▪

But who decides when it’s time to harvest?

Ultimately the grapes decide when it will actually happen. The decision is made on the sugar and acid readings from the grapes.

The harvest is done by hand and you can take part, so during Harvest week, we welcome all our lovely local pickers, volunteers at Southcott.

September the 18th

▪The Fizz whispering to the grapes▪

Some would do a dance or a chant, at Southcott Vineyard, we let the bubbles speak, whisper to the vines.

“The Fizz murmurs in the glass … grapes, grapes, wake up and soak up the sun so for it, the Veraison will be complete.”

Slowly be surely we see the magic happening, the grapes are starting to ripen.We are still waiting for the grapes to ripen, we are keeping our fingers crossed for more warm weather.

We feel very lucky, and we are very grateful to all of you who have reached out, contacted us to volunteer and take part in the October Harvest.

September the 21th

Ripening is on its way, the colours are changing, deepening! The grapes are not yet ready, but if all goes all Harvest might happen at the end of October.

October 7th

▪️#tbt #throwbackthursday | Testing sugar level on Chardonnay. Up about 5% sincerest week. | This takes us back to Oct 13, 2014! ▪️

Tim is using a refractometer. Refractometers are handy sugar measurement instruments because they can measure the sugar content of a single drop of juice with good accuracy.

In a nutshell:

➕ The grapes must be crushed and the ”must” (freshly crushed fruit juice) has had a chance to be completely mixed together

➕ Measure until the grapes have reached the required level of sugar

October the 12th

Wishing a very Happy Harvest to all Vineyards who have already embarked on this exciting moment of a Vineyard’s Life.

As for us, we have recently updated some details for our forthcoming Harvest in October – it should happen the week of 27th October.

October the 15th

▪️Update from the Vineyard▪️

Looks like whispering to the vines and grapes has somehow worked 🍇

The grapes are looking good! We are hoping #harvest will happen on Friday 29 October.

We still need higher sugar, so we are hoping for a few more fine days. As always, we will keep you posted.

October 18th

◾Harvest 2021◾online registration is now open, get involved◾

➕Volunteer, Picker needed

➕Looks likes it will be Friday 29 Oct.- to be confirmed next week.

➕Pencil in the date and keep an eye on our social media announcements! We are looking forward to seeing many of you.

October 25th, 27th & 28th

🍇Trays are all laid out at the end of the rows ready for picking tomorrow.🍇

Harvest Day, Happy Day!

October 29th – Harvest Day

All is safely gathered in at Southcott Vineyard, Pewsey, all thanks to 22 local volunteers. And the 2 tonne of grapes are already at the winery where they will be transformed into the sparkling wine Southcott is famous for. The volunteers were all treated to elevenses, lunch, and a bottle of wine to take home.

Owners, Sarah and Tim Ingram, told Marlborough.news, “We are very grateful to all the volunteers who helped with the grape harvest. This is the first time we have advertised for volunteers. The response was amazing. It’s surprising how many people wanted to try grape picking.”

(Article by Sue Round, Marlborough News Online)

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