The story behind the logo.

The West African Grey Parrot on a bunch of grapes.

In Heraldry there are a number of insignia that tell a story about the individual for whom the Coat of Arms has been designed.

In the Ingram Hill Coat of Arms, outside of the Shield and Crest on the helmet, there is a separate piece called the badge and is used in a number of ways to personalise the individual. In this case, the badge is a West African Parrot on a bunch of grapes. It is used in the Artwork of the Southcott Vineyard owned and operated by the Ingram Hill’s. 

It represents the background of Tim, who was born in Accra, Ghana in West Africa.

Tim’s family owned a West African grey during their time there and it used to sit on the end of his pram when he was a baby and talk to him.

It was a great imitator of the family voices.

When Tim returned to England as a 5-year-old, the parrot named Polly, returned with him and was given by his father to his grandfather to keep in England back in 1954.

Polly lived with him in retirement in Chiddingfold in Surrey until his death in 1971 and was then looked after by a neighbour.

Although Polly talked a lot when in Africa, on her arrival in England she stopped and was never heard again.

She had a particular preference for men and would wolf-whistle and preen herself whenever Tim visited her, which was monthly.

She was well-known to Sarah, who she would ignore when she visited, as she was with Tim from 1969 and they were married in 1972.

The Bunch of grapes represents the Southcott Vineyard, which was planted by the Ingram Hill’s in 2005 and is the insignia for the business.

The logo was updated recently to reflect the story. To do so, we created a ‘mood board’ or visual presentation from which the color palette for the logo was extracted.

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Classic Champagne grapes:

  • Chardonnay 60%
  • Pinot noir 30%
  • Pinot meunière 10%

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