It’s coming home, it’s coming home … English Wine Week’s coming home!


English Wine Week is moving to be a truly Midsummer event!

”Our aim is for English Wine Week to help provide an opportunity to help you sell wine, and to inspire more people to get to know our wonderful English wines better and help them buy from you and local vineyards.” Wine GB

After all …

… June really does mark ”the start of summer” with Summer Solstice on 21 June and Midsummer Day on 24 June
… Flowering is likely to have started in our vineyards, the advent of our fruit growing and prospects of the summer ahead
… Restrictions are easing … we have the rest of the summer to start to get out and about again and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

“English Wine Week is a fantastic
opportunity to engage with your local
community, celebrate English wines and
improve your sales at the same time…”

English Wine Week, how did it start?

Wines of Great Britain, the national association for English and Welsh wines, works to promote and publicize English wines. English Wine Week was designed to help people across the country celebrate delicious, complex, and often-overlooked English wines.

The perfect promotional event for vineyards and pubs, English Wine Week offers many resources for people and businesses who are interested in participating in the celebration. Wines of Great Britain offers downloadable digital materials, lists of ideas to help you promote English Wine Week within your brand or business, a wide-reaching social media campaign, and an events calendar to feature business activities relating to Wine Week.

What will happen next?

Here is a chance to link vineyards, retail outlets and influencers across the country to celebrate and promote English wines, offer an opportunity to purchase and deliver wines from all over England to wine lovers’ doors … PLUS

  • A chance to connect with your suppliers, and vineyards to highlight these wonderful wines
  • An opportunity to support local British businesses
  • You could benefit from increased publicity around the industry

How can you Help? Support your local Vineyard! Participate in English Wine Week!

  • Try something new
  • Attend online or in-person events
  • Raise a glass in celebratory support
  • Share on social media, don’t forget to tag the English Winemaker/Producer ie. @SouthcottVineyard #SouthcottVineyard #EnglishWineWeek
  • Support your local Vineyard

– You will be supporting an entire industry, so make sure to use the following hashtags #EnglishWineWeek and #SouthcottVineyard

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